Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus Review

The water heaters are a must to have in your households; it is especially necessary if you love using the hot water for completing different tasks. The Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW, tankless electric water heater one of the most suitable choice for you to consider. This product is the top rated one and available in the market as the highest selling water heaters.


Stiebel Eltron Tempra PlusThis product comes along with a digital temperature controller. This is done to provide you better and easy control over the device. It is extremely easy to be used by anyone. This water heater is particularly designed taking care of all the safety standards. It has been proven the most reliable product by a huge number of users because of its extraordinary services. It does not require any kind of venting to be properly used. You need not worry about the space that it will acquire. Because of its sleek design this device can literally fit anywhere. This water heater will be able to provide you approximately fifteen to twenty percent savings in your electricity bill.


  • This product is engineered precisely and made sleek in design.
  • This uses the self modulating power technology.
  • This particular water heater is able to offer you the advanced flow control properties.
  • It does not cause any kind of noise while the operation.
  • The temperature of this heater is kept steady at all point of time.
  • This heater works on the electricity and that is why does not need any kind of venting.
  • It is made up of the high quality material.
  • The construction of this heater is done with the seismic proof materials.
  • It surely does help you to save a lot of electricity.


  • The unit is extremely difficult to be installed on your own and you will require professional help.
  • The price for this particular water heater unit is comparatively higher than the other ones.


The Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW, tankless electric water heater is able to provide you the best quality of services with the safety measures taken care of as well. This is not ant product to miss out on and should be bought without giving any second thought; if you are considering purchasing any of the similar water heating products.

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency?

There is no doubt in the fact that cryptocurrency is keep on getting popular and the main reason behind this thing is secure transaction and too many benefits. Well, most of the companies use this currency for the transaction and Ethereum helps in this purpose. ethconnectYou can find lots of people who are investing in it and the main reason is profit. This is the latest trend of money market that has many theory elements of CS (Computer science) and mathematics is involved in it. Well, you know that this is secure method but how does it work? This converts all the information into codes that is hard to break. On the other hand, you can track everything like transaction and other details with this method. This is really easy but understanding that what cryptocurrency is a little bit hard because actually it’s anonymous but it is digital currency. If you are thinking to invest some money in this currency then there are many methods but some of them can be risky so we are mentioning the best ones that are safe and easy.

Investing As You Do With Commodities

You may know that people invest their money in commodities and it is same here. You can invest some money and you can use it as an asset. If you think that you need your money then you can exchange it. On the other hand, you are able to sell it if you don’t need it anymore. This is a simple and effective method to invest. There are many types of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is also a cryptocurrency that is popular worldwide. You are able to purchase it and use it for the transaction purpose. Most of the countries are coming up with their crypto currencies and it seems like laxmicoin is first legal cryptocurrency of India.

Purchase Pikciochain

If you don’t want to pay extra change or you don’t want to tackle with other issues then you should try out purchasing PikcioChain directly. This is quite helpful in purchasing the cryptocurrency. You can try out BitFinex and BitFlyer to get bitcoins because these are some of the most popular sources to purchase bitcoin directly. This method is more effective than others and it is legal also.

Best For investment

You must be amazed by knowing the fact that very few people know about cryptocurrency and according to a report, only 2% people are using this currency in the USA. The fewer amounts of people mean higher chances of bigger profit and you can try it to gain more fruitful results. CryptoCurrency is the new trend and it is increasing alarmingly. If you want to try out then consider risk factors also.

Still now, there are many cases of spam and frauds. On the other hand, you won’t believe the fact that you are able to check out others using this currency. This is called as the advantage but in some manners, it can be risky and harmful.

Five Easy Ways of Cooking Steamed Rice: The Filipino Way

We love rice! We Filipinos considered rice as our staple food. As Filipinos, having a full meal would never be the same without rice intake. Rice has a special place in our hearts, our beings and-as well in our bellies. Following these premises, it is now safe to say (and with great pride) that we are one of the experts in cooking and serving rice. For those who crave for rice right now, this is the ‘Steamed Rice 101: The Filipino style’. So sans your mom, the rice cooker and a whatever easy way of having rice here are the 5 simple steps to cook your own steamed rice. One can cook steamed rice with these (crude) simple materials: stove (can be electric stove or gas stove-but we prefer gas stove for its manageability)and iron kettle or pots or cookwares (but if you are into going back to basics, use clay pots) and any conventional casserole.

We would be cooking 2 cups of uncooked rice in this scenario. Cooking steamed rice is really easy because cooking proportion, most often than not, is one is to one (1:1).

Let the cooking begin!

The Five Ways of Steamed Rice: The Filipino Way

1. Pour two (2) cups of rice in a cooking pot or iron kettle (or you may use casserole). As always, wash or rinse the two (2) cups of rice with water (ideally running water) for two (2) to three (3) times if needed. One interesting culinary practice known to Filipino culture is saving a portion of the water used for washing rice, and using it for soup-based dishes.

2. After washing the rice, put water amounting to the measure of the rice. On this example, we would be putting 2 (two) cups of water for the rice. Remember, cooking proportion is ‘one is to one’ (1:1).

3. Place the mixture in a stove set to medium fire and cover it.

4. Wait for the mixture to boil and uncover it letting it simmer but setting the fire lower.

5. After three (3) to five (5) minutes or after letting considerable amount of water to simmer (please do not stir), set fire to the ‘lowest’ possible heat (this is the reason why we preferred gas stove) then place the cover back. Within eight (8) to 10 (ten) minutes time, your rice is now ready to serve.

Different Observatories throughout the World – Observe this World with a Unique Approach!

It is a place which is used to have a deep observation of its surface. These observatories are of different types and they may include:

  • Arecibo Observatory- This observatory was being made in Puerto Rico as it is very close to the Equator and sand stone is present in the tiny holes of its Karst area. This is the area which can easily contain 305 meter reflector and this is exactly needed to improve the power of radio.

  • Observe from a High height at the Mauna Kea Observatory- It is the best place in the world to observe the stars from above the sea level of 13,796 feet. In today’s world Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain all over the world. Even it can be said as it is taller than the Mount Everest. It has an area where you can find the facility for astronomical research named as astronomy zone which was established in the year 1967.

  • Griffith Observatory – It is one of the most wanted places of southern California. This observatory is being named for the art technology of its state, unbelievable sights of Los Angeles and for its strange exhibits. Here the visitors got the opportunity travel all the way through space and the observation of stars which are set in a tremendous way. Now, most of the telescopes are operating remotely in the different Observatories places of the world to manage this task easily. However, by putting the radio telescope in the orbit around Earth, the radio astronomers can make the images like they had the radio telescope size of entire planet!

  • Palomar Observatory – It is the observatory which is 5500 ft near the Palomar mountain. You will have fun if you will go there. This area is not that much of green as the even those in the Sierra Nevada, but this area have its own charm. This observatory is being operated by the California Institute of Technology. At this place you can find the world best scientists doing their astronomical research. For their observation they have five telescopes with them which are being used to find out the new secrets of the world.

  • Infrared observatories : Biggest infrared observatory at present in the orbit is brand new Infrared Space Observatory, launched at November 1995 by European Space Agency. The ISO can operate for 2 years barring the unforeseen circumstances. It is placed in the elliptical orbit with 24hour period that keeps it in the view of ground stations every time, the necessary arrangement as ISO transmits observations since it makes them storing the information for the later playback.

Space observatories will highly get divided in 2 classes: the missions that map the whole sky (or surveys), as well as observatories that make the observations of selected parts of sky. Lots of space observatories have completed the missions, whereas others carry on operating, and others are actually planned for future.